Flying Financial achieved a lot in the process of continuous innovation and development and won several honors in the industry, including:
  1. 2019.01                          It was awarded the honorary titles of "Internet financial compliance platform", "outstanding vice President unit" and "financial
  2.                                        technology innovation leader".
  3. 2018.12                          It won the award of "innovation institution of new financial model of excellent competitiveness" issued by "2018 (10th) excellent
  4.                                        competitiveness financial summit".                   
  5. 2018.07
    Internet lending information intermediary platform “Hui Financing” was awarded “China Internet Financial Industry Compliance Platform” and “China’s Best Internet Financial Services Institution” at Summit Forum of Internet Banking Unlimited Future.
  6. 2018.06
    Huilian Technology was awarded the “FinTech 2018 Technological Innovation Agency” at the third China Financial Technology Summit Forum.
  7. 2018.01
    It was honored to with the titles of “Excellent FinTech Enterprise”, “Excellent Internet Financial Service Institution” and “Excellent Vice-chairman Unit”.
  8. 2017.10
    Flying Financial won the title of “Most Competitive Enterprise in Financial Technology of 2017”.
  9. 2017.07
    Flying Financial was honored with the title “Initial Member Unit of Shenzhen Internet Finance Public Welfare Alliance”, and the subordinated internet credit information intermediary platform E-Finance was titled with “White List of Internet Financial Industry in China” by Shenzhen Internet finance chamber of commerce.
  10. 2016.12
    Won honors like “Most Innovative Model Platform in theInternet Financial Industry”, “Enterprise with Social Responsibility in theInternet Financial Industry” and “Excellent Vice-chairman Unit” issued by Shenzhen internet finance chamber of commerce.
  11. 2016.12
    Won “2016 Most Innovative Award Among Chinese Financing Listed Companies” issued by the famous financial magazine China Financing.
  12. 2016.11
    Won the honor of “National New High-tech Enterprise”.
  13. 2016.05
    Held the post of initial vice-chairman unit of Shenzhen internet finance chamber of commerce.
  14. 2015.12
    Won “Real Estate Financial Product and Service Provider with Innovative Ability ” in the sixth real estate financial innovation summit of the 13th finance and economy list of Hexun.
  15. 2015.12
    Won “Best Innovation Award in China Financing” issued by the famous financial magazine China Financing.
  16. 2015.11
    Won “2015 Real Estate Financial Excellent Partner” of China Zhanggui list in 2015.
  17. 2015.08
    Had the honor to win “2015 Best Real Estate Financial Innovation Award” by Boao real estate forum.
  18. 2015.06
    Won Sina “the Big 10 Internet + Financial Hacker Platforms ”in 2015.