Flying Financial Service Holdings Limited

Founded in 2001, Flying financial Service Holdings Limited was listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: HK8030) on May, 7, 2012. With its headquarters in Shenzhen, the company runs the business in South China, East China, North China, Central China and the southeast of China.

Recently, the company is focused on building a business model which provides financial services along the value chain of real estate industry and exploring the fields of asset management and financial technology. The company's major business includes real estate financial consultancy service, real estate investment, finance lease, consumer credit service and online wealth management.

In the field of asset management, the company is focused on real estate development investment and financing service. With competitive advantages such as “strong team advantage, rich industrial experience, innovative development capacity and resource integration skill”, Flying Financial took the lead in exploring the “asset-light” development cooperation model, which is a win-win cooperation for all the parties including fund management companies, financial institutions and developers. During the cooperation, the Flying Financial provides professional consultancy services as well as makes investments in the form of real estate private equity funds under strict access conditions. By the end of 2017, the company has run  over 21 projects in more than 10 cities throughout the country, which finances the partners with a total value of 28.5 billion and realizes13.7 billion funds under management.

In the field of fintech, the company has nearly a hundred senior fintech research and development team. Through the B2B2C model, Huilian Technology applied its expertise to create a professionally technology platform for the upstream and downstream in real estate industry. Relying on the technical experience and ability of big data analysis, risk control engine and intelligent customer acquisition, Hulian Technology exports fintech solutions in four vertical fields, including personal credit, corporate credit, wealth management and financial big data, to commercial and financial institutions.

In the future, the company will be focused on further exploring the fields of asset management and financial technology and continuing to provide professional financial services in different scenarios along the value chain of real estate industry, including new houses, second-hand houses, house renting and community life. Moreover, the company will keep improving professional service ability and making unremitting efforts to become a leading real estate financial service provider in China.